5 Reasons Why Sofia Vergara is a Great Mom

There's no doubt that Sofia Vergara is a loving mom. Not only does the Colombian stunner play an overbearing mother on Modern Family, but she's probably even more overbearing and loving to her real-life son, Manolo.

From being willing to sell her Birkins bags to pay for her son's education to worrying about him constantly, below are just a few reasons why Sofia is an awesome mami.

1. Sofia Vergara Good Mom 1

She’d sell her Birkins for her son

In her August 2013 cover story in Harper’s Bazaar, the Colombian actress spoke about her obsession with Hermès bags, specifically Birkins. “I tell Manolo, 'If I don't have enough money for your college this month, you have to sell the Birkins,'” she told the magazine. She’s willing to provide for her son by any means, even if it means parting with the high-end bags, which range from $9,000 to $150,000.

2. Sofia Vergara Good Mom 2

She wants Manolo to be safe

Vergara is a complete worrywart when it comes to her son. In an interview with Wonderwall, the actress confessed that “as a mom, you never stop worrying. Now my worries are: ‘Don't get in a car with anyone who is driving drunk. Don’t be stupid.' When he is in New York on his own, ‘Don't walk down a back alley. Use your head. Don't go alone on the train at three in the morning.’ Stupid things like that.”

Yep, sounds like a loving mom to us.

3. Sofia Vergara Good Mom 3

She taught him how to be a good dancer

In a super-cute Mother’s Day video, Sofia’s son thanks the actress for teaching him how to dance to salsa and merengue music. A loving mother always makes sure her son doesn’t look miserable on the dance floor – she’s saving Manolo from a lifetime of embarrassment here. Great job, Sofia.

4. Sofia Vergara Good Mom 4

She finances his shows

With Vergara’s loads of money, comes loads of support for her son. For the special Mother’s Day video Manolo created for his mom, he thanked her for “financing my strange shows.”

5. Sofia Vergara Good Mom 5

She’s her son's biggest fan

Since giving birth to Manolo at 19, Vergara has been there for him. In a 2010 interview with People, the actress said: “I always tried to do the best for my kid.” Looks like she’s doing a great job thus far.