The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez Might Not Return to 'American Idol'

We have to admit, Jennifer Lopez's hesitation to return as a judge on the highest rated television show (American Idol) in the U.S. had us scratching our heads. The show helped to revitalize her career and revealed her sensitive and nurturing side. It was a win-win situation as American Idol's ratings had been sliding and completely bounced back this season thanks in no small part to La Lopez.

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Lopez has always been a triple threat with her music, dancing and acting careers and for the last year and a half (well, at least since The Backup Plan) she's really only been working one angle of her many talents. Now we understand why she is hedging her bets.

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Lopez is in talks to star in not one, but two films slated for release in 2012. The first is the film adaptation for What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which is scheduled to begin shooting in four weeks. J. Lo would join an all-star cast for the comedy, including fellow Latina Cameron Diaz, Isla Fisher and Ed Helms.

The movie is loosely based on the best-selling book by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel and follows six fictional couples of all ages and backgrounds leading up to the big birthing day. The format is similar to films like He’s Just Not That Into You and Valentine’s Day in that all the characters are somehow interconnected.

Is Jennifer Lopez Done with 'American Idol?'

In a huge departure from the romantic comedy genre for which Lopez has become known, is also reporting that she is in talks for the female lead in Parker, opposite Jason Statham. The action film, helmed by Taylor Hackford, is an adaptation of the Donald Westlake mystery novel series. Jenny would play a character named Leslie, who gets involved with the relentless and remorseless thief Parker as he executes a heist. The hope is that the movie would launch a trilogy—so Lopez could be be looking at a steady string of employment.

Now her reluctance to commit to another season of American Idol makes so much more sense. But tell us what you think!