The REAL Reason Behind Shakira’s Shocking Split

On Monday, Shakira took to her blog to tell her fans about her split from Antonio de la Rúa, her boyfriend of more than 10 years. "They have been the most wonderful years of our lives,” wrote the Colombian singer, “However, since August 2010, we made a mutual decision to take time apart from our romantic relationship.”

But it seems that everything may not be as amicable as the pop star wants it to seem. A source close to the couple is telling Cellestrellas that Shaki and Antonio split up because she wants to have kids and that while Antonio isn't entirely opposed to the idea, he managed to keep pushing the timeline back. De la Rua kept convincing Shaki to finish her latest album or tour before trying to get pregnant, and after a few years, the singer started to get frustrated and distanced herself from him. 

Shakira has spoken to Latina in the past about her desire to start a family. “Sometimes at night, I think of myself with a big belly. That’s my happy place. I want to have a huge belly—I crave that!”

But on top of being Shaki's boyfriend and potential baby daddy, Antonio de la Rua was also her manager. Now is when things could start to get messy. The two will reportedly meet with lawyers as early as next week to start negotiating the division of the assets acquired by the Colombian during their 10-plus years together.