Make Your Season Bright: 12 Puppies in Santa Hats

You've bought the tree, hung the wreaths and your home smells like the North Pole, but what about the outfits? And no, we don't mean yours. Love it or hate it, these pups have a few choice words for their owners! 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun as these pets speak up:

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1. Santa Paws

"Guess this year we will need to swap the cookies for Kibbles 'n Bits."

2. Too Small or Too Cute?

"Hey human, I think I outgrew last year's hat."

3. Sibling Rivalry

Pitbul: "Human, how could you accidentally bleach my hat?"

Pug: "Haha, you look silly!"

4. Not A Happy Camper

Can you explain again why I have to wear one and he doesn't?

5. Side-Eye

"Draw me like one of your French girls."

6. Secret Sleeper

I'm just going to pretend I'm sleeping, and when he comes down that chimney I will be ready for him!

7. 1. 2. 3. Cheese.

"What do you mean — I AM smiling!"

8. The Hipster

"Everyone knows the one ear is the new backwards — duh!"

9. You Got It?

"Ok, what if i move more to the left? You got it?"

10. Naughty List

"No! I definitely didn't just eat ALL the cookies. Are you going to put out some more?"

11. Over Joyed Pup

"Am I too close? Wait, am I smiling or silly face? Dammit, I blinked — redo?"

12. Toy Soldier

"Don't tell Barbie, but I borrowed her Santa hat  — it was the only thing that fit."