Puerto Rican Pastor Attacks Ricky Martin For Being Gay

Ricky Martin kicked off his Music, Soul and Sex tour last Friday in Puerto Rico, but the set of four sold-out concerts didn’t please everyone. Wanda Rolon, a pastor of the First Christian Church in Northern Puerto Rico, took it upon herself to attack Ricky Martin for being gay.

“I want to say to Ricky Martin that there is no need to go to the extreme by making our children and youths confused,” she said during a press conference last week. During the concerts, she helmed a group of protesters who picketed in front of the Coliseo as excited Ricky Martin fans walked inside.

Days before Ricky Martin played in his hometown, Rolon took to Facebook to further express her disapproval. “This weekend Puerto Rico will receive a man who God rescued from hell,” she wrote, speaking about evangelist Nicky Cruz. “On the other hand, there is another one who wants to take people to hell! RM [Ricky Martin] is its ambassador.”

Ricky Martin is an ambassador, but for equality. His decision to speak up about his sexual orientation was extremely difficult. His fans have had his back, and many reported Rolon’s attacks through Facebook’s abuse policy system.

And although Ricky Martin has not commented on Rolon, he did make a poignant call to his concertgoers, telling them: "Don't be afraid to live, Puerto Rico."