EXCLUSIVE: Prince Royce Talks New Album, Selena Gomez & His Dream Date

Prince Royce is on fire!

In the past week, the bachata singer earned an AMA nomination for Best Latin Artist, and released his third studio album Soy El Mismo. Fans across the U.S. and Latin America are going loca for romantic tracks like "Darte un Beso," profound ballads like "Invisible," and upbeat dance numbers like "Already Missing You" featuring Selena Gomez.

We met up with Prince Royce at his album release on Tuesday. A native New Yorker, Royce chose to debut Soy El Mismo at a Target in Harlem, drawing in crowds of screaming fans from across the five boroughs. It’s easy to see why girls go crazy over the bilingual singer: The adorable, dimpled 24-year-old is charming, handsome, and undeniably sweet. Before debuting the album, the heartthrob took the time to hug each and every fan -- some of whom had been waiting outdoors since the night before for a chance to meet their favorite singer.

We sat down with the Latino hottie to discuss Soy El Mismo, his collaboration with Selena Gomez, and where he would take a girl on a dream date in NYC.

A few years ago, you told us that you had a crush on Selena Gomez. How was it collaborating with her on the track Already Missing You

I did?! You know the story got changed up, just to make that clear! They asked who was a girl that was doing her thing. Anyways, let’s not get into that mix up there! But it’s all good, because let me tell you: this song is great! I’m working a lot with Toby Gad, who’s done songs and produced songs for Selena. I’m working on my new English album, which comes out next year. You know, it was his idea. He showed me a track. We wrote some parts to it. We sent it to her. She liked it. That’s how the whole thing started.

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