13 Reasons Pope Francis Is The Coolest Pope Ever

Pope Francis Rolling Stone cover

10. He has a great sense of humor. 

Earlier this year, Pope Francis gave visitors to the Vatican a little gift. The box, which looked like it held prescription medication, actually contained a rosary. He called it “spiritual medicine” and joked that he was “like a pharmacist.” 

11. He's on the cover of Rolling Stone. 

Rock star status! Pope Francis landed the cover of Rolling Stone with the headline "The Times They Are A-Changing At the Vatican." 

12. Super Pope!

Pope Francis officially achieved Super Hero status when the Vatican approved graffiti art by artist Maupal. The work features the Pope zooming through the air, donning a cape and holding a satchel with the word "Valores" (Values) enscribed upon it. 

13. Zoom, zoom, zoom! 

How awesome is this? Pope Francis is auctioning his Harley-Davidson, and donating the proceeds to a charity in Rome. Also, yes, Pope Francis apparently rides a motorcycle! Reportedly "Franciso" is signed on the gas tank of the 1,585 cc Harley.