13 Reasons Pope Francis Is The Coolest Pope Ever

Since the beginning of his reign, Pope Francis has delighted and surprised the Catholic Church (and the world!) with his unique, unconventional approach to the papacy. 

Pope Francis, or Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was born on Dec. 17th, 1936 in a barrio of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was one of five children born to an Italian immigrant and his wife. Despite his humble background, Bergoglio rose the ranks of the church, ultimately becoming the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church earlier this year. 

Since his papacy began, the first Latin American Pope has been making headlines for his charitable works with the poor, the homeless, the LGBT community, the disfigured, and the sick. His actions have even caused Stephen Colbert to dub him the “BatPope.”

Now that Pope Francis is gracing the cover of Rolling Stone, it's confirmed: He really is the coolest pope ever, and here's 10 reasons why: 

1. The caped crusader? 

Reportedly, Pope Francis have been sneaking out of the Vatican! The “Vigilante Vicar” has been stripping off his signature white robes, donning the apparel of an ordinary priest, and traveling throughout Rome to minister to the poor and homeless. 

2. He worked as a bouncer. 

Yes, it’s true: Pope Francis worked as a bouncer in a Buenos Aires bar to earn money as a student. He claims that his job at the nightclub was good practice for his later work in the church. Some internet users even compared the Pope to St. Peter, who serves as the “bouncer” to Heaven.

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