The Pop Culture Winners & Losers of 2013

As approach the final days of 2013, we look back on the biggest winners and losers of the past 365 days. Sorry, there will be no twerking.

1. 2013 winner Shakira

Winner: Shakira

The Colombian superstar was the main reason NBC’s music competition show, The Voice, beat out American Idol, for the first time ever. Shaki’s tender approach to coaching and advising young talent made everyone root for her team to be the victor. When she wasn’t on The Voice, or recording her highly anticipated album, she was taking care of her baby boy, Milan. And about that baby…

2. 2013 winner Baby Milan

Winner: Baby Milan

Shakira and soccer superstar Gerard Pique’s baby boy, Milan, is so adorable he’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy on a chilly New York City day. Thanks to social media and his mami, the whole world is able to get their Milan fix on a daily basis. 

3. 2013 winner Miguel’s Career

Winner: Miguel’s Career

The Mexican and African American singer, once regulated to only R&B platforms, broke out with his sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream. His Prince-esque “Adorn” got him a Grammy and helped plenty of couples get pregnant. 

4. 2013 winner Instructions Not Included

Winner: Instructions Not Included

The Eugenio Derbez-led comedy, about a ladies man who is raising the daughter he never knew he had, shattered box office records. As of now Included is the highest grossing Spanish language film in the U.S. with over $40 million. 

5. 2013 winner Bruno Mars

Winner: Bruno Mars

The Puerto Rican and Filipino pop singer owned the Billboard charts this year. His Unorthodox Jukebox hit No. 1, has sold 1.8 million to date, totaled three top 10 singles, and his Moonshine Jungle Tour has grossed over $40 million. How will he start off 2014? Oh, performing at this little shindig called The Super Bowl. 

6. 2013 winner Naya Rivera

Winner: Naya Rivera

The Glee actress turned her attention music this year. With the release of her flirty, catchy single “Sorry,” Rivera set herself up for a big 2014. Oh did we mention the huge ROCK she’s flaunting on her left hand; courtesy of rapper fiancé Big Sean. 

7. 2013 winner Jennifer Lopez

Winner: Jennifer Lopez

You know the resume: actress, singer, dancer, and producer. This year as Chief Creative Officer at Nuvo TV she re-launched the Latino cable network in her vision and also took cellphone venture Viva Movil to the masses. She’s not a businesswoman, she’s a business, woman!

8. 2013 winner Selena Gomez

Winner: Selena Gomez

Buzz worthy movie: Spring Breakers (Check!)

Hot New Album: Stars Dance (Check!)

Fashion Icon: Various shoots (Check!)

Transformation from Disney star to A List star: complete!

9. 2013 winner Marc Anthony

Winner: Marc Anthony

The salsa king is back! Anthony returned to his throne with 3.0, his first collaboration with producer Sergio George in almost a decade. It spawned the smash “Vivir Mi Vida” and numerous classic Marc Anthony salsa moves. 

10. 2013 winner Juanes

Winner: Juanes

The Colombian rocker’s Loud & Unplugged Tour not only gave his fans a taste of his biggest hits but he also gained more American fans. Entertainment Weekly even took note, naming it one of the coolest tours of the summer. 

11. 2013 winner Larry Hernandez

Winner: Larry Hernandez

With his hit reality show, Larrymania, regional Mexican artist Larry Hernandez broadened his fan base. His show also helped mun2 through the tremendously difficult transition of losing the late great Jenni Rivera. 

12. 2013 winner Fifth Harmony

Winner: Fifth Harmony

The former X-Factor contestants are all the buzz in pop music circles. With their bubbly, radio candy EP, Better Together, and their social media numbers in the millions, Fifth Harmony is poised to take over the charts. 

13. 2013 winner Demi Lovato

Winner: Demi Lovato

The superstar singer delivered another splendid season on X-Factor, had a great stint on Glee, gained another massive hit single with “Heart Attack,” wrote her first book, Staying Strong and was named one of Latina’s Women of Year. Your move, everyone else.

14. 2013 winner Alfonso Cuaron

Winner: Alfonso Cuaron

The Mexican director crafted one of the most awe-inspiring films, Gravity, to ever grace the silver screen. Next up: collecting awards. 

15. 2013 winner Diversity on TV

Winner: Diversity on TV

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black showed American TV executives the power of diversity. OITNB featured moving, entertaining stories of women of all races, creeds, and sexual orientations devoid of stereotypes. After watching the first couple of episodes of Lifetime’s Devious Maids you they’re housekeepers. The five leading Latinas are more than maids, they’re women with their ambitions and dreams. And they’re both hella funny! 

16. 2013 winner Prince Royce

Winner: Prince Royce

The Dominican American heartthrob hit the ground running with his chart-topping Soy El Mismo, which included the hits “Darte Un Beso” and “Te Me Vas.” He also lent his bachatero falsetto as a coach on La Voz Kids

17. 2013 loser Miguel’s Stage Show

Loser: Miguel’s Stage Show

While Miguel’s career was on the rise, his stage show took a dive…literally. With an impromptu stage dive during his Billboard Awards performance, he accidently landed on the head of a fan. Say no to YOLO. 

18. 2013 loser A-Rod

Loser: A-Rod

Did he? Didn’t he? The Yankee slugger once again wound up in a PED scandal. When your boss tells you to publicly, “shut the f**k up,” it’s a problem. Yet, the biggest problem with A-Rod is A-Rod. 

19. 2013 loser Aaron Hernandez

Loser: Aaron Hernandez

The much-maligned former New England Patriot football player has the worst possible year ever. He was charged for first-degree murder, subsequently all Patriot memorabilia removed from stores, and could face life in prison. 

20. 2013 loser George Zimmerman

Loser: George Zimmerman

Knucklehead, knucklehead, knucklehead. Zimmerman is the poster boy for why guns should not be easily accessible. 

21. 2013 loser Ryan Lochte

Loser: Ryan Lochte

His E! reality show, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, got cancelled quickly. Was it his chiseled abs? No way? His iced out grills? Maybe? What it his personality? Bingo!

22. 2013 loser Racist Twits (marc anthony anthem)

23. 2013 loser Washington Heights

Loser: MTV’s Washington Heights

After the Jersey Shore came to an end, the cable network scrambled to see whom else they could exploit? Dominicans!!! Wrong! While Washington Heights didn’t attain Jersey ratings, it did feature aspirational young Latinos. It was canceled after one season. It’s a blessing in disguise, mi gente. Just look at The Situation now.