POLL: Is Sofia Vergara the Best Spokesperson for the New Diet Pepsi Skinny Can?

Pepsi is catching some heat from organizations like the National Eating Disorders Association over its new Skinny Can ad campaign, featuring Sofia Vergara. What’s interesting, the famously voluptuous star of Modern Family is barely recognizable, her face somewhat concealed by a floppy blue hat and her dimensions played down by strategic angling and what appears to be the use of excessive photoshopping.

The concern is over whether Pepsi is promoting harmful stereotypes regarding women’s body image, by choosing a woman known for her curves, photoshopping her to look skinnier than she is (call us crazy but something with her arm seems off) and then promote this as some sort of ideal. Pepsi CMO Jill Beraud has said of the design: "Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today's most stylish looks.”