POLL: Do You Have to Be a Good Homemaker to be a Good Wife?

As we continue to follow the saga of Jackie Guerrido and Don Omar's marriage, we came across this parody that a Puerto Rican composer recorded about their divorce called "Corned Beef." Its a silly little ditty about Don Omar getting angry that Jackie can't cook and having to eat the same thing every day, but it does raise some really interesting questions about machismo and how much the roles of wife and husband have changed since our parents got hitched.

It's no coincidence that Guerrido's career took off at the same time her marriage fell apart and the situation made us think about the age-old question every woman contemplates at some point in their lives: Can we really do it all?

Our answer? We shouldn't have to! Let the men help out and pick up some of the slack every now and then, be it in the kitchen or with the kids. But we want to know what you think: