POLL: Do You Care about the Political Views of Celebrities?

We were shocked to read a rumor circulating online about Ricky Martin speaking out in support of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and the Cuban government currently run by Raul Castro—not because of his opinions, but because Martin normally maintains his distance from public political discussions.

So, we weren't surprised in the least when his reps released a statement saying, "Although we do not normally respond to information disseminated through the internet, social networks and online publications, in this instance it's necessary to explain that Ricky Martin has never expressed an opinion, neither in favor of or against, any form of government... Throughout his career, Martin has always demonstrated a respect for a diversity of beliefs and opinions and has been very careful to never express an opinion about these themes. The legal team will be taking immediate action against the site that originated this information."

It got us thinking about the various celebrities who do choose to speak out on politics and whether or not their opinion really matters to us. So, tell us: