Pitbull Recording With Shakira & Belinda

Pitbull is continuing his plan for musical world domination with the release of his new album, Global Warming, set to drop this summer. It hasn't even been a year since he released Planet Pit last June, but he's moving at lightning speed. In fact, this will be his seventh album in eight years.

The leading single from the Global Warming album will be a collaboration with Shakira entitled "Get It Started." Pitbull and Shakira? We're there! We don't know if it can get much better than "Rabiosa," but we've got high hopes for their latest collaboration. Why shouldn't we? These two can do no wrong!

And that's not the only thing he's working on! He's also recording again with Mexican singer/songwriter Belinda. The pair worked together on the single "Egoísta" a couple of years ago off of her third album, Carpe Diem. This time, Pitbull is hoping that the collaboration will help Belinda's career by giving her crossover potential, a goal many Latino acts set their sights on from early on. To help her cross over, the song they're working on, "I Love You," will be in English and Spanish.

Can't wait to hear both of these collaborations. In the meantime, listen to a little Pitbull and Shakira throwback with "Rabiosa"!