Pitbull's Top 3 AMA Moments

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Our favorite moment from the AMAs? Seeing all the Latino representation on the stage!

Pitbull made history on Sunday night, becoming the first Latino to host the music awards show. The charismatic cubano killed it, wowing the crowd with his rocking performances and spirited monologues.

What was your favorite Pitbull moment from last night? Mr. Worldwide counts down his top 3: 

#3: Pitbull For Prez

The cubano thanked the stage crew at the AMAs, revealing that one of the dancers wrote “Pitbull For President 2016” backstage! “That was great,” he said. “That was one of the highlights.”

#2: Sofia Vergara...naked? 

How does Mr. 305 deal with the pressure of performing the monologue at the AMAs? Simple! He pictures Sofia Vergara naked! “My favorite part is always just mentioning Sofia Vergara. Whenever I get nervous, just picturing her naked.”

#1: Jennifer Lopez and her tribute to La Reina, Celia Cruz!

Azucar! Pitbull loved JLO’s upbeat tribute to Celia Cruz. “We need [Jennifer Lopez] here!” he said. “She would heat things up in New York! It’s a little cold!” 

Watch the full video at ABC.com!

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