Pic of Rocco in New York Yankees Shirt Has Guy Ritchie "Crying"

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are playing so dirty in their divorce, they should get themselves an umpire to regulate. After a picture of their son Rocco wearing a New York Yankees T-shirt—supposedly intended to throw Madonna's relationship with Yankee Alex Rodriguez in Guy's face—was splashed all over blogs and tabloids yesterday, a "source" tells Usmagazine.com that the image has Guy "in pieces."

"He's actually been crying over it," says the source on the set of Guy's upcoming drama Sherlock Holmes. "He's in a terrible state but is doing his best to be on form at work."

The insider says Guy "cannot believe" that Madonna would use her son to get back at him. "He said she is the 'lowest of the low' and is even more determined to fight for his side now," the source says.

"Madonna has hit the wrong button," adds the insider. "He won't sink to her level, but she better watch out because it seems he has a lot on her."

We have a hunch this "source" who has so much information about Guy's emotional state might be Guy himself, or at least someone instructed by Guy to leak the details. Seems like he's using every opportunity to build a case against her Madgesty to get a piece of her $525 million fortune.

With Guy and Madge acting like children themselves, maybe their three kids -- Lourdes, Rocco and David -- would be better off with a responsible adult until they settle their differences. Carlos Leon, perhaps? He's probably not doing much these days except saying "I told you so"...