Perez Hilton Gets “Closure” From Fergie

Perez Hilton and Fergie aren’t dating—obviously—but that doesn’t mean they can’t have closure.

The celebrity blogger, who received flowers from the Black Eyed Peas singer on Valentine's day, told In Touch Weekly he’s very happy that he and Fergie have mended their differences.

“There's been a lot of history between us,” said the controversial blogger, who recently changed the tone of his website, “But it means a lot that she can see the positive changes I've been making and hopefully this place of understanding and compassion we've reached can inspire others as well!” said Perez. “I’m very happy to have closure with Fergie.”

In October, Hilton, who was once notorious for trashing celebs and calling them hurtful nicknames, explained why he felt compelled to change his behavior on The Ellen Degeneres Show. “I still want to be sassy and critical,” Perez says. “But I can do it without having to be mean or nasty.”