Perez Hilton Collects Close to $90,000 from Samantha Ronson

Score one for Perez Hilton. It's no secret the chismoso is at war with half of Hollywood, but we never expected him to win a major battle. The self-proclaimed Laptop Samurai did just that on Friday, when a judge ordered celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson to pay him $87,000 in attorney's fees resulting from a defamation suit she filed against him—and lost—last year.

Here's the backstory: Samantha Ronson sued Perez for writing on his blog that she was responsible for her girlfriend Lindsay Lohan's post-rehab drug bust, when she was arrested for chasing her assistant and cocaine was found in her car. Perez insinuated that Samantha had planted the cocaine in Lindsay's car, and even sold T-shirts on his website that read "Blame Samantha."

Sam filed a defamation suit against Perez, but lost this past January. A judge had ordered her to pay Perez's legal fees, amounting to $87K, but Samantha refused to comply, until she was faced with another court appearance in which she would have to disclose her finances to a judge. That loosened up the ink in her pen and she cut Perez a check on Friday to avoid the court date.

So now we know why Perez's trademark obscene drawings on celebrity photos are particularly venomous on the ones of Samantha. We guess the lesson to be learned here is: Don't mess with Perez.