'People's Court' Judge Marilyn Milian Reveals Her Plans for Nochebuena! (EXCLUSIVE)

We're less than a week away from the holidays, and Latina.com is catching up with some of our favorite celebs to find out what they're doing for Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Earlier this week, we spoke to People's Court judge Marilyn Milian about her holiday plans and Milian dished exclusively to Latina.com about her Christmas plans, why she can't get enough of nochebuena, her surprising New Year's resolution, and her advice for Latina moms on what to get their kids for the holidays!

Plus, the Cuban-American judge shared a photo of her Christmas tree exclusively with Latina.com!

Tell us about your holiday plans!

We always have a traditional Cuban Christmas. We celebrate Nochebuena, (Christmas Eve), at my parents' home every year. As my parents have grown older, the torch has been passed on. For the last ten years my brother and I have alternated. This year it's at my house, so the decorations and effort are out in full force! Our piano player will be playing Christmas songs and we will do singalongs. The kids will have a present exchange, usually gag gifts and lots of laughter. We will have Lechon Asado, yuca and congri, flan and turrones. We have very talented children in our family, so there is always some skit or concert going on. 

You work so hard all year long. Is there anything special you want for Christmas this year?

My poor husband has asked me that daily! Why can't I come up with an answer? Because I honestly am so blessed and feel like I have it all already! I will be forced to come up with something...if only he could bottle time!

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? 

I was just speaking about that today...to renovate my surroundings and my body. I want to make some changes at my home, converting a playroom the children don't use anymore to an exercise room, and a dining room we NEVER use to a media room for my teenagers. To renovate my body, by eating better, less sugar and caffeine, more fruits and vegetables and whole grains. But not Nochebuena. Don't touch my Nochebuena... 

Would you share a photo of your Christmas tree with our readers? We'd love to see it! 

Absolutely...I'm very proud of the family effort this year! We actually had to have a family meeting to organize when we would all be availble to trim the tree! All of us are so overscheduled with work and sports and school that I almost just trimmed it on my own. But I was so touched to see my kids protest...

What is your advice for Latina moms on what to get their kids for the holidays?

Every year I try to make one of their gifts be sentimental. For example, last year I made them each a photo album of their year in review....this year I am getting them a new advent calendar made of actual stockings so that we can start a whole new tradition next year. It's important to slow down the commercial aspect and remember that love, family and faith come first.

Is it hard for you to juggle motherhood and work? How do you balance it all? 

Poorly! Every mother feels the tug of the opposite force wherever they are. The key is to have your mind at work when you are at work, and on the family when you are home, which is easier said than done. Work emergencies pop up at home, and home emergencies happen when they happen. What I am talking about is BEING PRESENT, being IN THE MOMENT. If you are home, don't feel the guilt of paying attention to a work issue, and when you are at work, realize that you can't solve every boo boo from there.  And don't be hard on yourself...motherhood is balancing several plates in the air at once...you just have to be able to tolerate the sound of one falling every once in a while.

What has been your favorite episode of The People's Court this season?

Recently we taped a case which broke my heart. It will air early next year.  A grandfather was suing his granddaughter for a debt owed by her mother. He was a very impressive person, but had convinced himself that the defendant, as the most responsible person, should pay her mother's debt.  It did not matter what her grandfather said she still loved him so much. The more he said that her family was dead to him, the more the granddaughter insisted that she would be there to visit and kiss him and love him.  They both insisted I contact grandma from the courtroom, the results were most interesting...

Who is the most interesting person you met this season on The People's Court?

 All of the litigants that appear before me are interesting! That is what make this show a 29 year success...the ability to book people that make you stare in wonder!!!