Penélope Cruz Revealed She Once Styled Salma Hayek’s Hair in the Dark

Penélope Cruz is a woman of many talents.

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Aside from being an awesome actress, model, and fashion designer, Cruz also happens to be a secret hairdresser. She revealed to People magazine that she even used her hairstyling skills on her friend, Salma Hayek, before a premiere.

“[Salma] was getting ready for a premiere and her lights went out, and I had to do her hair in the dark,” she told People.

So where did she inherit this talent? She owes her styling technique to her mami, who owned a hair salon when Cruz was growing up. And that's also where she also credits her acting skills.

"My mother is a hairdresser so I grew up spending a couple of hours a day in a hair salon, which was also like being a spy in the psychiatrist's office because the women were sharing their deepest secrets," she told Today.

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Well, who would’ve thought! Seriously, what can’t this girl do?