Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria Are Not at War

On Friday, the National Enquirer reported that Penelope Cruz is begging her little brother Eduardo to dump his girlfriend, Eva Longoria. "Penelope is worried that the romance is nothing more than a rebound fling for Eva," a source told the tabloid, adding that Penelope believes "Eva is nothing more than a fame-hungry, bad B-list actress who is using Eduardo in an effort to further her career." Ouch! 

But Perez Hilton shot down the rumors that Penelope wants Eva to stay away from her baby brother, insisting there's no bad blood between the stars. A source close to the family tells the website that Penelope and Eva have been friends for quite some time and that it was Pe who actually set Eva and Eduardo up. "Eva has been very welcomed into the family and all is well," the source insisted. 

Hmm, who do you believe?