PDA Alert! Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Kiss at a Stoplight

Green means go, red means...kiss!

On Sunday, Eva Mendes and her rumored boyfriend Ryan Gosling were spotted driving through Hollywood and when they hit a red light, the couple took a moment to share a sweet kiss, X17Online is reporting. 

Is Eva Mendes Dating Ryan Gosling?

The hot couple was joined in the car by an unidentified dog, and after Eva and Ryan shared a kiss, the pup leaned in and planted a big wet one on Ryan! 

Eva Mendes Takes a Hike...with Ryan Gosling

This isn’t the first time Eva, 37 and Ryan, 30 have been spotted together in public. The 30-year-old actor and 37-year-old actress were recently spotted hiking together, and on separate occasion, visiting Disneyland.