Paz Vega on Being Compared to Penelope Cruz: "I'm Honored"

Paz Vega recently replaced Penélope Cruz as the face for L'oreal Spain and during a recent press conference she addressed the inevitable comparisons that many have made between the two beautiful Spanish actresses.

“Penélope is a wonderful actress," gushed Vega, effectively ending any rumors of a rivalry. "She's a true representative of Spanish beauty, she's a fighter worthy of admiration and for me, it's an honor to be compared to her."

The actress also directly addressed rumors that she may have an eating disorder which began after she lost weight so quickly after she gave birth to her third child in 2010. "There has been talk of an eating disorder and that is really serious and dangerous because so many people suffer from those disorders," she said."I've always been so thin. I have to be careful not to lose weight because any time I miss a meal, I notice.  

She even admitted to being shocked by how quickly she lost weight after giving birth to son Lenon." My recovery from the pregnancy  was so quick, even I was surprised.