Paz de la Huerta Strips (Again) for 'Paper'

On the HBO drama, Boardwalk Empire, Paz de la Huerta plays Lucy, a coquettish bed hopper, and in real life, Paz is apparently not much different.

The 26-year-old Spanish actress, who appeared topless in New York magazine last year, recently stripped down to grace the cover of Paper magazine’s winter 2010-2011 issue.

In the issue, Paz opens up about sex and nudity. "Nudity is a non-issue for me,” Paz tells the magazine. “Sex is a huge part of life. To pretend it's not is being a liar, and people who are afraid of their sexuality are suffering.”

Indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch directed Paz in the 2009 indie film, The Limits of Control and talked about her uncanny willingness to bear it all. "I always joke that it's harder to get Paz to keep her clothes on than take them off,” he said. 

Paz also opened up  about feeling more European than American. “They write roles for mature women in Europe. Americans — they don’t get it. They make women look ugly. Then they all make fun of them. It’s really a cruel culture. I’m half European and I feel more European than American inside."

Calling herself "a Spanish woman," Paz explained, "I’m in the wrong country and wrong era.”