The 10 Craziest Things Paz de la Huerta Has Ever Done!

Paz de la Huerta is stripping down for the cover of Playboy's January/February double issue, out now. We all know The Boardwalk Empire star is known for her wild and crazy antics. She's also full of surprises and always has a way of keeping us guessing what she’ll do next. Here are 10 of her craziest moments!

1. Paz de la Huerta: Miami Nip Slip

Miami Nip Slip

Paz de la Huerta recently made headlines for exposing her breasts while changing out of her bikini in a public parking lot in Miami. The actress looked not too concerned while flashing her chest, as she was casually smoking a cigarette. After changing into a bra and panties, De la Huerta hopped into the passenger seat of a male friend's car and drove away like nothing happened. Classic Paz. 

2. Paz de la Huerta: Attack of Party Girl

Attacking A Party Girl

Back in March 2011, Paz de la Huerta was arrested for attacking Samantha Swetra, a cast member from MTV’s The City. According to onlookers, Paz- who was intoxicated- threw a glass at Swetra’s leg, and punch her in the face. Paz was arrested and then later released. 

3. Paz de la Huerta: Golden Globes Party

Drunk At The Golden Globes

Following the Golden Globe awards in January 2011, Paz made headlines when she was turned away from an after-party at the Chateau Marmont for being too drunk. The actress- who reportedly had way too much to drink during the awards ceremony- was seen stumbling and flashing her left breast while being escorted by a  male friend. A video of the entire incident was filmed by an onlooker and became a fast favorite on the web after being posted to YouTube.

4. Paz de la Huerta: Lana del Rey

Peep Show At a Lana Del Rey Concert

While attending a Lana Del Rey concert, Paz decided to put on a show of her own by exposing her breasts, yet again. Del Rey describes the strange incident to VH1. “I was singing in Paris a couple months ago for Thanksgiving,” Lana says. “There’s this girl in the audience and she’s gorgeous. I can kind of only see her silhouette, she’s getting, like, her t*ts out. I’m like, ‘God, that’s unusual.’ So I go offstage [after singing 'Video Games'], I go upstairs, and my manager’s like, ‘You’ll never believe it, but Paz De La Huerta was getting her t*ts out to the song!’ I was like, ‘My vision [for the video] is complete.”

5. Paz de la Huerta: Elvis

Her ‘Excitement” For Elvis

Never one to shy away from a jaw-dropping tale, Paz stuns once again after telling The New York Times Magazine about her experience in Graceland. The actress claimed that she felt the presence of the ghost of Elvis who left her with an orgasm. “I felt his spirit go through me and give me pleasure,” she said. “It was like Elvis was tickling me with a feather.”

6. Paz de la Huerta: New York Mag

The Honey Incident

After a long day from filming Boardwalk Empire, Paz opted to conduct her interview for New York Magazine in a sauna. After forgetting her bathing suit, De la Huerta opted to go nude and shocked other bathhouse patrons as she began to rub raw honey and salt on her chest. Even though onlookers thought she was crazy, for Paz it was business as usual. 

7. Paz de la Huerta: Make Out Session

Random Make Out Session

In the summer of 2011, Paz was caught in another drunk scandal at the UrbanDaddy's Chivas Day of Brotherhood gala. After discovering a nearby room with a couch that was set up for a photo shoots for guests, Paz grabbed a female friend for a random make-out session. Guests were said to be irritated by De la Huerta’s behavior especially after she cut in line in front of other guests waiting for their photos to be taken. 

8. Paz de la Huerta: Boardwalk Empire

Drops A Boardwalk Empire Bomb

The actress angered producers from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire last year when she accidentally revealed a major plot twist from the  season finale. At a launch party for jewelry line Y&J Multiplicity, a guest asked De la Huerta for a teaser from the show’s finale. Paz gave the fan the whole enchilada saying that her character’s baby dies in the episode leaving the partygoer stunned. Onlookers claim Paz was intoxicated, though her rep never commented on the incident.  

9. Paz de la Huerta: Striptease

The Hotel Striptease

Back in 2007, the actress caught the attention of many when she performed a random striptease in a hotel. The New York Post reported that Paz was, “dancing wildly, careening all over the place, crashing into people and tables,” and “doing a striptease during that song ‘I Touch Myself,’ pulling down her top, pulling up her dress, making a real gruesome spectacle.”

10. Paz de la Huerta: Homeless Man

Borrowing Money From a Homeless Man

In June 2011, Paz’s behavior raised eyebrows once again when she made headlines for borrowing money from a homeless man. While many were confused by the act, it seems the whole thing was staged for a photo op. The wheelchair-bound homeless man loaned her the money, when Paz then handed back to him for photographers. Staged or not, many thought the incident was odd and were confused by the actress’ motives.