Paulina Rubio Admits She Wants to Have More Kids

Paulina Rubio at The X Factor Finalists Party
Getty Images

It seems Paulina Rubio would like to bear more children, but is she ready?

The 42-year-old Mexicana is gracing the cover of Siempre Mujer's December/January issue and she told the magazine she'd love to give her little boy Andres, 3, a sibling.

"I want more kids. I know how to ask for them! But I want to organize myself better,” she told Siempre Mujer, according to The Huffington Post.

But although Rubio admits to wanting another baby, she reveals it may not be the best time.

The X Factor judge said she's currently "living the best moment of her career" and doesn't think she's quite ready to put that all on hold right now.