Paulina Rubio Says Son Helped Ease Father's Loss

Paulina Rubio was among the guest singers asked to lend her talent for the recording of Los Tigres del Norte's 'MTV Unplugged' taping last Tuesday in Los Angeles. It was there on the red carpet in Los Angeles that the grieving songstress, who lost her father, Enrique Rubio, 67, on January 8, shared her emotional state following his death.

Enrique Rubio suffered a heart attack and a subsequent stroke. Partially paralyzed after the events, his condition worsened and he later died after a medically induced coma. He had just returned from spending the holidays in Miami with his daughter and her family.

In an interview broadcast by Notimex, the Mexican singer confessed that her son, Andrea Nicholas, who was born in November, was fundamental in helping ease the pain of her father's passing.

"Without my son I would not have been able to overcome my father's loss. When you fathom the loss of a parent and realize, in the end, that a cycle in your life has ended, it makes you value everything."

The 39-year-old singer, who decided to resume her singing career and work on her new album, 'La Chica Dorada,' said that without a doubt the arrival of her son has been the most beautiful gift that life has given her, and that she "spends her time recording, attending to her son's needs and exercising, so the days pass quickly."

The beauty also said that now that she's a new mom, she would like to change her look and follow the example led by her mother, actress Susana Dosamantes.

"You always have to be in style. My mom was a hippie, though, and I'm a very hippie mom, too," she said.