Paulina Rubio Hires Private Detective to Snoop on Ex?

Paulina Rubio just can't escape the drama. Two months ago, La Chica Dorada was slammed with a $250,000 assault and battery lawsuit for allegedly hitting her former assistant, Felipe Restrapo Betancur. Now she's reportedly having issues with her ex-husband, Nicolás "Colate" Vallejo, over the shared custody of their son, Andrea.

The pop singer has supposedly hired a private investigator to follow her former hubby of five years in order to prove his negligence and have his shared custody revoked. After following Vallejo around, the snooper determined that Pauli's ex "repeatedly demonstrated detrimental behavior and a lack of parental responsibility."

He was also spotted smoking around his son, taking him outside while sick, leaving him in a dirty diaper and unsupervised in a stroller on several occasions. Rubio hopes the evidence will grant her full custody of their child. 

This sounds pretty ugly! What are your thoughts?