Daily Chisme: Paulina Rubio in Jeopardy of Losing Custody of Her Son?

Good afternoon chismosos! Find out what we are buzzing about below:

- Paulina Rubio may be running into drama with the justice system again. The pop singer, who currently has shared custody of her son Andrea, went to court in Miami and requested that her little one travel with her to Mexico under the condition that she returns his passport to the court on December 8th. However, Pauli didn’t compile with the order. 

According to Univision, La Chica Dorada’s divorce from her husband of five-years Nicolás "Colate" Vallejo Nájera and the custody of their son is still pending. Her delayed response in returning her son’s passport to the courts may end up causing her to lose the custody case.

Just last month, Pauli was also slammed with a $250,000 assault and battery lawsuit for allegedly hitting her former assistant, Felipe Restrapo Betancur.

Can we cut our girl Pauli a break? We hope she has a good legal team on her side…

- Zoe Saldana is still smooching it up with actor Bradley Cooper. Apparently she likes grabbing drinks with him and is not looking for a serious relationship. Zoe has officially joined the players club. Welcome. Wink.

- Congrats to the Lovatics! Demi Lovato’s fans won MTV’s “Best Fans of 2012.” Should we also expect an award in the mail?