Paula Garces Opens Up About Teen Pregnancy While on Food Stamps

“There were the people that believed in me when I was walking around Spanish Harlem, saying that I was going to be a Hollywood actress. They were like, ‘Yeah, you could do it!’” she said. 

Now, Garcés is looking forward to raising her new child under different circumstances. Her daughter, Skye, is now in college, and she's been with her husband, Tony Hernandez, for over 10 years. Combined with her huge success on Devious Maids, the actress is prepared to welcome her new son into a stable home. 

After suffering two miscarriages in the past, she called this baby a "miracle." She plans to teach her son the value of his culture. “I want to teach him that education is everything and that having both cultures is going to be an advantage because he might be the next Obama -- except it might be the next Hernandez!” 

The mamá, however, hasn’t forgotten her difficult past. She offered some words of advice to struggling young mothers: “I want to make sure that teenage girls know that if you decide to keep your child you have to get an education. You have to have a plan A, B, and C. Make sure you have a good support system. If all those things are not in place, it’s going to be very, very hard -- very, very lonely.”

Congrats to the actress on her prengnacy! Do you agree with her advice?