Paula Garces Opens Up About Teen Pregnancy While on Food Stamps

Devious Maids star Paula Garcés was a beautiful, glowing picture of motherhood at her bridal shower on Sunday! However, the actress was not always so prepared to become a mamá

At 17, Garcés became pregnant with her first child, Skye. Now, the 39-year-old actress reflects on how different things will be this time around. 

“I hid the pregnancy from my parents, my agents, my teachers -- everybody -- and I felt horrible,” she told the Huffington Post, “It was like everything I was not supposed to be, [everything] that was stereotypical about a Latina growing up in Spanish Harlem I was embodying and living. I felt like I disappointed everybody, but at the time I had a very deep connection with my baby and I knew that I wanted to keep my baby.”

Garcés, who’s known for her role as Flora Hernandez on the Lifetime drama, said many questioned her decision and called it a "mistake." However, positive reinforcement from friends in her neighborhood helped her raise her daughter and achieve her Hollywood dream, despite the fact that she was on food stamps and welfare.

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