Our 5 Favorite Latino YouTube Stars

We've officially gone viral! There are a ton of YouTube stars out there waiting to be discovered ala Justin Bieber, but only of a few of them really captured our imagination over the years. From Shane Mercado's breakout "Single Ladies" dance video that inspired hundreds of thousands of copycats, to Jorge & Alexa Narvaez's sweet covers of indie rock—here are the YouTube stars who made us laugh, cry and everything in between!

1. Youtube: Alexa & Jorge Narvaez

Alexa & Jorge Narvaez

Quite possibly the cutest darn video we’ve ever seen, Alexa Narvaez charmed us from the very first second we heard her sweet, sweet voice covering Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros single, “Home”. When we saw this adorable father/daughter team featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show our family crush was confirmed. Alexa’s (handsome) dad Jorge is clearly doing such a great job raising up his daughters Alexa and younger sister Eliana right. The videos that made them Youtube stars was actually born out of a family ritual that single daddy Jorge has of singing with his daughters. All together now, “Awwwwwwwww!”

2. Youtube: Latin Comedy Project

Latin Comedy Project

If you can make it through the Latin Comedy Project’s spoof of 300 without cracking up we’ll give you five dollars. Although the clip is laugh out loud hysterical, the Latin Comedy Project has cornered the market on funny videos with a bite. This video totally plays on the fears of xenophobic citizens who fear that Mexicans are out to take over the country, Reconquista-style. They also produced a series of equally funny mock commercials playing on the Mac vs. PC spots.

3. Youtube: Dancing Merengue Dog

Dancing Merengue Dog

We were floored when we saw this uber-talented furry performer doing her thing! This puppy has better moves than some humans we know. Scratch that, than a LOT of humans we know. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Carrie was featured on the David Letterman show before she went viral in the summer of 2010 and her proud owner Jose Fuentes has been featured on Don Francisco Presenta. Carrie even met Sofia Vergara! Check out her smooth moves.

4. Youtube: Shane Mercado

Shane Mercado Covers Beyonce’s Single Ladies

Before Shane Mercado, there were just a few people trying to copy the awesomeness that is Beyonce’s Bob Fosse-inspired choreography in the iconic music video for her monster hit, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”. Almost three MILLION views later, there was an entire movement of viral Youtube videos. Perhaps they were inspired by his obvious passion for the song and for dance? Or maybe everyone thought if they could make a amazing enough Youtube video, they too would be able to meet the pop diva in person, like Shane did. Whatever the reason, one man in front of a camera started a viral trend that lasted

5. Youtube: How to Speak Dominican

Sir Nube Negra's Speak Fluent Dominican Lessons

When we first stumbled upon Sir Nube Negra’s Youtube account, we though to ourselves ¿Que lo que e?” But before we realized it, we got sucked in to video after video of his Speak Dominican Fluently video series and it’s too funny not to share. We also love his positivity and his endless flow of creative characters and of course, those funky sunglasses. Plus, now we sort of know how to speak Dominican!

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