Our 5 Favorite Latino Wizards!

The final installment in the Harry Potter movie series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 opens in theaters nationwide today and reprising her role as Nymphadora Tonks is Spanish actress, Natalia Tena.

As we bid Harry & Co. farewell with this final movie, we invite you to take a look at our five favorite Latino wizards!

1. Wizards: Natalia Tena

Natalia Tena, 26

Spanish actress, Natalia Tena has played the notoriously clumsy Nymphadora Tonks in four Harry Potter movies. Nymphadora, a fan favorite from the Potter books, is unskilled at household spells, but she's extremely bright when the situation calls for her to be. Plus, her hair color changes depending on her moods. How cool is that?

2. Wizards: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, 18

For four seasons (2007-2011), Selena Gomez played teen wizard Alex Russo in the hit Disney Channel series, Wizards of Wavelry Place. The middle child of three children, Alex craved attention, which is why she often used her powers for the wrong reasons. But if Alex wanted to succeed at something, nothing could stop her. Wizards recently came to an end, and when we asked Selena what she'll miss most about playing a wizard, she said, "the magic."

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3. Wizards: Elsa Patton

Elsa Carreras  Patton, 76

Elsa Carreras  Patton, the mother of Real Housewives of Miami cast member Marysol Patton is also the mother of all plastic surgeries. But by trade, Elsa's a witch, a self-proclaimed "seer" and a spiritual guide. Just ask, Marysol: "I don't really ask for it," she says about her mother's advice. "She just kind of tells me what she feels when she feels something and now I listen to her because she's always dead on." We have to admit, Elsa seems like a legit witch (we certainly wouldn't mess with her). But Marysol says her mother's powers are limited, at least when it comes to google. "My mother has no idea what's coming to her, because she doesn't go on the internet, she doesn't read weekly," says Marysol. "So I really don't know if she knows what to expect." Then again, Elsa's from a different generation. 

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4. Wizards: Walter Mercado

Walter Mercado, 79

There's a reason Walter Mercado is the only 79-year-old man who carries a deck of cards in pocket at all times: he's a wizard! The Puerto Rican astrologer who your grandmother watched on Univision for 15 years, is partial to colorful outfits, bright lipstick, and the catch phrase, "Les deseo mucha, mucha paz, pero sobre todo muchomucho AMOR." Who doesn't love a friendly wizard?

5. Wizards: Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro, 35

As the brujo Jesus Velasquez on HBO's True Blood, Mexican actor, Kevin Alejandro is teaching his boyfriend Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) some dark magics. In a recent episode, Jesus asked Lafayette to partake in a ritual of neckromancy and together with a few other witches, the two brought a dead bird back to life. Alejandro says things are only going to get wilder for his TV witch. "I can’t stress enough how crazy and amazing this season is going, and all of the crazy shit we all go through. Things that are unexpected happen, where you’re like, “what the f***?” There are definitely some jarring, spooky moments you’ll go through," he said. 

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