Our 5 Favorite Latino Broadway Characters!

Ricky Martin has been tweeting about his role in the highly anticipated Broadway musical, Evita, but the Puerto Rican superstar isn't the only one who's excited about the show (we can't wait to see it!). As we anxiously await the chance to see (and hear) the immensely talented Ricky play "Che," in the first-ever Broadway revival of Evita, we invite you to take a look at our favorite Latino Broadway characters of all-time! 

1. Broadway: The Ritz

Googie Gomez

Played by: Rita Moreno 

Puerto Rican legend Rita Moreno played Googie Gomez twice: Once in the 1975 Broadway production, The Ritz, and then again in the big-budget 1976 movie of the same name. Both times, Rita made us fall in love with Googie, a third-rate entertainer with visions of Broadway glory. Moreno won a 1975 Tony Award for her role in the Broadway musical. 


2. Broadway: In the Heights


Played by: Lin-Manuel Miranda

He's a bodega owner from Washington Heights with a big mouth and an even bigger heart. Usnavi isn't exactly Barack Obama, but he's a community leader and activist in his own right—and when he likes a girl, he gives her free cafe con leche! How many guys can you say that about nowadays? 

3. Broadway: A Chorus Line

Diana Morales

Played by: Priscilla Lopez

We love that Diana Morales is an ambitious Latina who dreams of starring on Broadway, but we have to be honest: the best thing about the character is her lavender-and-green leotard, which is always complimented by a light velvet green-and-red mock turtleneck sweater!

4. Broadway: West Side Story


Played by: Karen Olivo

In the 2009 Broadway revival of the 1957 musical, part-Dominican, part-Puerto Rican actress Karen Olivo played the role of Anita, a no-nonsense Latina who's both intelligent and passionate. 

5. Broadway: Evita


Played by: Madonna

The 1979 Broadway musical told the story of Evita Peron, the passionate and combative First Lady of Argentina, who was married to Argentinian President, Juan Peron

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