Our 5 Favorite Celeb Catch Phrases. "Dale!" Read this!

When Pitbull says "Dale!" we can't help but go! When Walter Mercado wishes us "sobre todo, mucho, mucho amor," we can't help but feel like we're being blessed by some divine spirit, and when Charo says cuchi-cuchi, we can't help but ask ourselves: "What in the world does that mean?" Here are our 5 favorite Latino celeb catch-phrases of all-time! 

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1. Catch Phrases: Pitbull

Pitbull, 30

Catch Phrase: Dale!

Whenever we write about Cuban-American rapper, Pitbull on our Facebook page (which is always!), our readers always comment with Pit's catch-phrase: "Dale!" If Pit can make Jennifer Lopez "back it up like a Tonka truck" with that catch-phrase—he can do pretty much anything he wants to us! Dale!

2. Catch Phrases: Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz (1925-2003)

Catch Phrase: "Azucar!"

There's no doubt about it: The Cuban singer's music will live on forever, but so will her trademark catch phrase: ¡Azúcar!" ("Sugar!" in Spanish). Cruz, who would often greet fans at her concerts with the catch phrase, said at the end of her life: "No les digo más 'Azúcar', pa' que no les dé diabetes!" which means, "I won't say 'Sugar' anymore so that you won't get diabetes!" Maybe her new catch phrase could've been "Sweet & Low!"

3. Catch Phrases: Charo

Charo, 60

Catch Phrase: "Cuchi-Cuchi."

The Spanish-American actress, and flamenco dancer might be known for her flamboyant stage presence and provocative outfits, but she's best known for her catch-phrase: "Cuchi-Cuchi." In fact, Charo's nickname is "The Cuchi Cuchi girl," when she shakes her hips, she squeals "cuchi-cuchi!" and in 1977, she released an album called "Cuchi-Cuchi." While we don't claim to understand what cuchi-cuchi means, Charo seems to be OK with the fact that it's what she's best known for: "Around the world I am known as a great musician. But, in America I am known as the cuchi-cuchi girl. That's okay because cuchi-cuchi has taken me all the way to the bank." Yes, it has!

4. Catch Phrases: Walter Mercado

Walter Mercado, 79 

Catch Phrase: "Sobre todo, mucho, mucho amor." 

No matter what's going on in our lives, the Puerto Rican astrologer can make things seem a little better with the words, "sobre todo, mucho, mucho amor." 

5. Catch Phrases: Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz (1917-1986) 

Catch Phrase: "Babalu"

The signature conga of the Cuban-American actor was "Babalu." 

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