Our 15 Hottest Latino Dads

It’s Father’s Day weekend, and we thought we should celebrate all the amazing Latinos raising their children—who look damn good doing it! We all have our favorites (read on to see who the staff picked and why) but Creative Director Paul Bruno said it best: “Latino dads very often get a bad wrap. Personally, I’ve never seen any man step up to the demands of fatherhood like a Latino man.”

Here are our picks for the 15 hottest Latino celeb papis:

1. Hot Dads: Javier Bardem

Celebrity Bookings Director Jazmine Perez picked Javier Bardem: “Somehow, being a new dad makes him even more attractive.”

2. Hot Dads: Daddy Yankee

Deputy Editor Angie Romero picked Daddy Yankee: “The name says it all. He will forever be Papi Yankee. Plus, he’s super fit these days!”

3. Hot Dads: Robbie Rosa

Retail & Lifestyle Director Michelle Cortes picked Robbie Rosa (Dracko) “He combines sexiness, rocker status, jibaro, passion and family man all in one. He’s like the Latino version of Seal and he was in MENUDO!”

4. Hot Dads: Marc Anthony

Creative Director Paul Bruno picked Marc Anthony: “He seems like such a fun and loving father to grow up around!”

5. Hot Dads: Andy Garcia

Sales & Production Assistant Laura Hernandez picked Andy Garcia: “He’s very attentive with his kids and I think that’s sexy in a man.”

6. Hot Dads: Alex Rodriguez

Senior Account Executive Jackie O’Connor picked Alex Rodriguez: “He’s hot on and off the field.”

7. Hot Dads: Pitbull

Production Director Sandra Volino picked Pitbull: “Dale! Of course.” (Full disclosure, Sandra lives on Planet Pit and her desk is a small shrine to the man.)

8. Hot Dads: Mark Consuelos

Fashion Market Editor Verky Arcos picked Mark Consuelos: “I love that even though he’s SUPER hot and got married at a young age, he’s very devoted and committed to his wife and children.

9. Hot Dads: Benjamin Bratt

Director of Digital Stacey Rivera picked Benjamin Bratt: “Imagine if your dad had that smile? How could that not calm an upset child (and probably mami, too!)

10. Hot Dads: Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna

Online Editor Mariela Rosario double dipped with Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna: "This is a two-for-one because these papis are so close they even had their babies at the same time! Plus, they are just as good at being dads as they are at being there for each other."

11. Hot Dads: Freddie Prinze Jr.

Associate Entertainment Editor Lee Hernandez picked Freddie Prinze Jr.:“Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar seem to be really in love – both with each other, and with their daughter Charlotte Grace Prinze.”

12. Hot Dads: Juanes

Managing Editor Yuliana Gomez picked Juanes: “Juanes is my favorite dad because he stands by his family—no matter what he has going on, his wife and kids are most important.”

13. Hot Dads: William Levy

Beauty Editor Kate Sandoval didn’t have to think that hard before choosing William Levy: “Um, what more do you need to know? He’s incredibly hot.”

14. Hot Dads: Ricky Martin

The whole staff picked Ricky Martin! We all agree with Michelle Cortes: “Ricky’s the sexiest dad ever because he exudes adoration for his kids. You can tell they are truly his life.”

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