Oscar de la Hoya's Scandolous Pics Proven Fake

Oscar De La Hoya fans (and lovers) rejoice: Your favorite tough guy doesn't dress in drag, after all. Experts have concluded that the questionable pictures of the super welterweight boxer posing in fishnets, a tutu and stilletos are nothing more than a mediocre Photoshop job. The photos, which ex-stripper Milana Dravnel claimed to have taken in a Philadelphia hotel room, cropped up last September all over the internet and across the pages of the NY Post. De la Hoya quickly denied the pictures were real and Dravnel hit him with a $25 million dollar lawsuit for slander.

Turns out Oscar de la Hoya's suit delivered a heavy blow. On Monday, Milana Dravnel dropped the charges after the experts analyzed the photos and concluded they were inauthentic. "Oscar's always claimed the photos were false," rejoiced his lawyer Judd Bernstein in an interview with the NY Daily News. "We had experts conclude that they were doctored. She was facing very large damages and so she agreed to drop the case…The case would have been dismissed anyway."

Whew! It seems Oscar's fights don't stop in the ring, but we’re glad to see he knocked this one out and weeded out the truth. Did Milana really think she could go up against the champ?