Oscar de la Hoya On His Shocking Battle With Addiction

Three months ago, to everyone's surprise, former boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya confirmed that he had checked into a treatment center to battle addiction. Almost immediately speculative reports about addiction to alcohol, drugs, even sex, began to swirl.

Now De la Hoya has opened up to Teresa Rodriguez, host of Univision's Aqui y Ahora, about his decision to hide his alcohol addiction, which began at 9 years old. He hid his addiction to alcohol and cocaine from fans, friends, even family. De la Hoya also shared how his wife, Millie Corretjer, and their five children, kept the boxing champion alive. Here is what the "Golden Boy" confessed:


"It was my secret. I felt so invincible just drinking and doing those bad things ... But I also found myself crying and feeling alone. I acknowledged my addiction. I come from very good values and a good family. That monster that grew strength came from within me."


"At 9 years old I started drinking. At times there are family parties. The men are with the men and the women are in the kitchen. My uncles would say, 'let's ask Oscar to bring us some beer,' I'd go and open the beer, have just a taste, and they wouldn't scold me for it. After 20 to 30 times of making that trip to the refrigerator, I was drunk."