One Direction and Latina Celeb Dream Couples!

Directioners…get ready:

Recently Becky G confessed she had a crush on a member of One Direction. (Um, who doesn’t?!) Niall Horan is the one she wants to dance all night to the best song ever with. We think they would make the cutest couple!

But we think Niall shouldn’t be the only one to snag a Latina. We know that some of the boys (Zayn & Louis) are already happily involved, but in a perfect world these boys would all still be available!

So, we took it upon ourselves to pick a hot Latina celeb that each boy belongs with! (Even though we really wanted to pair them off with a Latina staff member instead. Hello boys­!)

1. one direction slide 01 Niall Horan & Becky G

Niall Horan & Becky G

This hot boy bander has gorgeous blue eyes and a sexy Irish accent, what isn’t there to love about him? There is definitely more than One Thing that Becky is crushing on him for. Sorry ladies, Becky called dibs! 

2. one direction slide 02 Harry Styles & Christian Serratos

Harry Styles & Christian Serratos 

We think Harry could show Christian off to all of his friends and make them all drool. This beautiful Twilight Saga actress also happens to fit in with Harry’s thing for older women (she’s only 4 years older)!

3. one direction slide 03 Liam Payne & Selena Gomez

Liam Payne & Selena Gomez

Liam, don’t get too overwhelmed by the way Selena flips her hair! This beauty has already dated a Canadian pop star, but we think she might have better results with this British hottie! 

4. one direction slide 04 Zayn Malik & Jasmine V

Zayn Malik & Jasmine V

Zayn’s name literally means beautiful in Arabic (the original spelling Zain) and we have to agree! Paired with Jasmine, this couple would turn heads every time they walked through the door!

5. one direction slide 05 Louis Tomlinson & Demi Lovato

Louis Tomlinson & Demi Lovato

Louis, you know, I know, you know you belong with Demi! Make sure you make her a cup of tea, so she doesn’t talk in her sleep (unless that's a secret you want to keep)!