OMG! Bennifer is Back?

No, no we're just kidding, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are not back together—but there are some folks still trying to bring that long-dead relationship back to life.

Radar Online has an interview with a woman named Claudia Vasquez who is dating Ojani Noa (Jennifer's ex-hubby). We know, it's confusing. Vasquez is currently suing J.Lo for $10 million dollars for blocking the production of a film she is working on that she claims is about her boyfriend's struggle as a Cuban immigrant here in the United States. But the court has repeatedly blocked release of any footage featuring La Lopez so we doubt we'll be seeing that film anytime soon.

In the interview Vasquez also reaches into the vault to touch upon Ben Affleck's jealousy of Noa and admits that she also felt insecure when she first began her relationship with Lopez's ex ten years ago.