Olympian Michael Phelps' Dream Girl: Cameron Diaz!

While people speculate whether Michael Phelps is dating fellow swimmer Amanda Beard or supermodel Lily Donaldson, the history-making Olympian has come clean about which girl dominates his fantasies: Cameron Diaz.

When asked by Extra who he would like to play his love interest a movie about his life, Michael coyly replied, "Cameron Diaz seems pretty cool. She seems like she has a cool personality."

Michael wasn't so forthcoming about revealing his real-life love interest, though. "Part of my life is kept to myself," he says. "I'm able to relax and be with my friends. Those pretty much are the only people who really know the answer to that question."

We know Cameron likes the younger men, so we suggest Michael give the heave-ho to whomever he's dating and make his way to Miss Diaz. We're pretty sure she'll tell that model to take a hike in favor of a gold medalist!