Obama Seeks Latino Support with a Little Help from Eva Longoria & Antonio Banderas

President Barack Obama has recieved some major support from Hollywood in the past and Monday night was no different, except this time he had a different target demographic: Latinos. Our cover girl Eva Longoria (who recently declared her ongoing support for Obama) and Spanish actor Antonio Banderas co-hosted a fundraising party in Los Angeles for 120 people who paid anywhere from $5,000-$35,00 to attend.

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The party, which was also attended by Mexican American comedian George Lopez, is part of a broader effort by Obama to increase support from Latino voters for his re-election campaign which has reportedly suffered due mainly, to his inability to pass any meaningful immigration reform. Obama won 67 percent of the Latino vote in the 2008 president election, but a Gallup poll conducted this summer showed that number had dropped to about a little less than 50 percent.

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At the Longoria and Banderas-hosted party, however, the 50-year-old leader reportedly promised to deliver his promises on immigration reform. “I’m pretty confident we can get the other 40 percent done in the next five years,” he told guests, after noting that he had been able to complete about 60 percent of the policy promises he made during his 2008 run for the presidency.

Obama could lose swing states such as Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico if Latino voters don't come out strong to support him. A Florida-based pollster named Brad Coker said the Latino vote is going to be a lot trickier for Obama during the next election. “It is going to be a significant influence on the outcome,” he said, “but it is too early yet to say exactly where.”