WATCH: President Obama Disses Donald Trump in Drake-Inspired Rap Battle Spoof

Is “Obama vs. Trump” the new “Drake vs. Meek”?

In his hilarious new video, we see a fake President Barack Obama showing off his rapping chops, channeling his inner-Drake for a “Back to Back” spoof. The video starts with a clip of Donald Trump bashing Obama, saying that he’s probably the “worst president in the history of our country”.

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Cue the music and Obama’s stunt double, who perfectly embodies the president, lets it all out. Throughout the song, we hear "Obama" changing Drake’s original lyrics to his own. He takes jabs at Trump, saying “Back to back like Trump’s divorces," and even references "El Chapo" saying “I’d be more concerned where ‘El Chapo’ is at."

Watch the hilarious spoof above.