WATCH: New Yorkers Shake Up Their Commute With a Cardi B Dance Party


It’s hard to get New Yorkers smiling during a morning commute; with all the crowding and delays, subways are usually filled with scowls, sleepy head nods, and even the occasional fight. But leave it to the Queen of 2017, Cardi B, to change all that, at least for a day.

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When a commuter started playing the chart topper’s “Bodak Yellow” in an NYC train station folks stopped rushing around and started dancing and singing along with the track. Twitter user @mattwhitlockPM captured the action, aptly commenting: "Play "Bodak Yellow" anywhere and a party will start, guaranteed. @iamcardib brings the people together. #nycsubway

We knew the “Cartier Cardi” singer could get a party started, but this is other level.

After watching the vid, the Internet was quick to point out the Bronx-born beauty's unifying powers:


Cardi, thank you for giving these straphangers a happy start to their day and helping us forget our troubles, if even for just the length of a song.

H/T: Mitú