No Future for Sofia Vergara In Politics-For Now

It looks like we won’t be seeing Sofia Vergara as a political wife any time soon.

With Sofia by his side at a press conference last week at the Hotel Sagamore in Miami, Florida, the Colombian actress' boyfriend, Nick Loeb, 36, announced that he will not be running for a seat in the United States Senate after all. 

Sofia Vergara's Boyfriend in Intensive Care after Serious Car Crash

“In truth, I do want to run as a candidate,” Loeb said at the press conference. “Unfortunately, today I announce that I will not be the candidate for the U.S. Senate. I’m still suffering and I am not ready physically for the responsibilities of a campaign and much less to serve as a senator.”

Sofia Vergara On Having More Kids: "Eventually I’ll Do It—For Love"

The Republican, who is the grandson of one of the Lehman brothers, spoke in reference to a severe car accident he suffered from last year. As we reported last year, Loeb’s accident took place in California and left Loeb with broken limbs and a gash across his chest. Loeb thanked 39-year-old Vergara, as well as his friends, for their support in his decision.

Will Sofia Vergara Be a Political Wife?

In an interview with Parade this summer, Vergara described her relationship with Loeb as a very happy one. “Nick wants babies,” she told the magazine. “Imagine me, again with a baby, when Manolo [Vergara’s son] is 20! I guess eventually I’ll do it—for love.”