No Cover Wars Over Ricky Martin Baby Pics

Celebrity magazines won't be launching their usual bidding wars over the first pictures of new dad Ricky Martin and his twin boys, sources report.

"We aren't jumping like we usually do," one editor said to the New York Daily News. "We don't think he is going to tell the backstory, so the whole thing just seems kind of icky."

The price tag for celebrity baby covers recently reached a new high of $14 million for the first look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's newborn twins.

Ricky's representative John Reilly confirmed that they've received inquiries from various media outlets, but wouldn't comment on whether Ricky is negotiating a deal with anyone in particular.

However, a magazine insider claims nobody will be ponying up the big bucks for a cover, but that someone will end up running a photo of Ricky and his baby boys like any other news item.

"When someone seems like they are hiding something, it's a big turnoff to the public, who want to share in celebrities' lives," another editor spilled. "No one really cared about Clay Aiken becoming a single dad, either."

Somehow, we don't think Ricky is too disappointed about the lack of "interest" in his growing family. He's always been a private person, and we think he's probably just fine raising his children away from media scrutiny.

Even if he doesn't want to spill the beans about his lifestyle or how he came to be a dad, we have to admit that we can't wait to see a picture of Ricky with his boys!