No Big Plans for Selena Gomez on Her Birthday Today

It’s Selena Gomez’s 19th birthday today and the teen star has no glamorous plans up her sleeve!  In an exclusive interview with E! News, Gomez spoke about her plans for her special day.  “I’m very lucky, I do live a very blessed life so I do have the day off, which is exciting because I’ve been working in rehearsals all day,” she said. 

The Monte Carlo star, who has been busy preparing for her summer tour, which kicks off next week in Florida, said she plans on spending time with friends today, perhaps at the beach. Gomez says she told her friends that instead of getting her gifts, she would prefer it if they donated to charity. How sweet!

Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez

It seems like every year Selenita likes to keep it real simple on her birthday. Last year, Gomez told us she was celebrating her 18th birthday with family at a Texas-style barbecue. Happy Birthday, Selenita!

Watch the brief interview below: