No Baptism for Salma's Baby

Salma Hayek is not a woman of convention—she recently said she's in no rush to marry fiancé and baby daddy Francois Henri-Pinault, claiming that marriage at the top of her priorities right now, and now she's refusing to baptize her baby girl Valentina Paloma according to Catholic tradition.

Close pal Felipe Ferández del Paso recently told the newspaper La Opinion. “The little girl is
about to turn 6 months old. She’s beautiful. [Salma] doesn’t want her to be baptized because she just doesn’t feel like it. I saw her during Holy
Week. I spent four days at her house in Los Angeles.”

While we're totally behind Salma's nonchalant attitude towards the normal structure of life, would it really hurt to splash an eye-dropper full of H2O on the little one to save her from even the most remote possibility of eternal damnation? Just saying...