Nikki Sixx on Kat Von D: "We Just Keep Getting Closer"

Forget Michael Douglas -- aged Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is officially the luckiest man alive. The 49-year-old rocker managed to snag super-hot (and, at 26, just about half his age) Kat Von D into being his girlfriend. But Nikki at least recognizes how good he's got it.

"She's so into art," says Nikki of his girlfriend of eight months. "I learn from her all the time and we just keep getting closer."

The couple, who started off as "text buddies," knew they were meant for each other, "when we went to the movies and our hands ran into each other," recalls Nikki. "It was like, whoa! But when I tried to kiss her she karate chopped me. She's a fiery one."

Their shared values (no marriage or kids, ever) strengthened their relationship, and Kat definitely left her mark on her man by giving him five tattoos.

One thing that Nikki assures will never get in the way of their love: age. "You're only as old as the girl you're with," he says. "I stole that line from Katherine."

We're still a little distracted by all the leather, chains and tattoos on display between these two, but we have to admit they seem pretty perfect for each other. Rock on, lovebirds!