Nickelodeon Cancels Victoria Justice's Hit Show 'Victorious' - What's Next for the Star?

Victoria Justice says goodbye to the Hollywood Arts High School on Nickelodeon's hit show, Victorious. This past Friday, the network confirmed that the hit show starring the talented 19-year-old wouldn't be returning for another season.

Victoria recently wrapped the final season of the show in July and is currently on the Make it in America Tour. Upon news of the cancellation, the teen star tweeted, "3 Emmy nominations is not a bad send off...#GoingOutOnTop #LoveUGuys."

Fans of the show can be certain that Victoria's career is just getting started. Besides forming part of the campaign, Act Out Loud, which educates teens about driver safety and how to avoid accidents on the road, she's also preparing for her on-screen debut in the upcoming movie, Fun Size.

"There's are a lot of really funny scenes, but it also has a lot of dramatic and very sweet, real moments. I’m excited to see everyone’s reaction," she said during an exclusive interview with The movie will hit theaters on October 26th.

When it comes to her future in Hollywood, Victoria revealed she doesn't have plans on stopping anytime soon. "There’s a lot going on this year and it’s crazy that this is all happening. I feel really, really lucky."

What do you think about the show's cancellation?