Sofia Vergara's Ex Nick Loeb Now Claims She Violated His First Amendment Rights

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Sofia Vergara's ex Nick Loeb has officially taken things to new levels.

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The Modern Family star's former fiancée has now accused her of violating his first amendment rights by trying to get him to stop the lawsuit on their frozen embryos battle. Loeb will reportedly appear in court in May to fight this most recent development, claiming Vergara tried to "chill" and "punish" his attempts at becoming a father.

The two have been in an ongoing legal battle since 2014 regarding the actress's frozen embryos, which Loeb wants access to. In December, Loeb formed a trust in Louisana on behalf of the embryos, and named them Emma and Isabella. The former couple created the embryos together in 2013, just before ending their relationship. 

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In  February, the actress filed documents attempting to permanently block Loeb's access to file any future lawsuits on the case. In the documents, she explains that she believes Loeb will continue to try to get access to her embryos and, therefore, she must take a "declaratory judgement" against him. More recently, Loeb gave an update on the case, saying, "We've been through the depositions and now we are waiting for a court date to be set, it should be sometime this summer." He also attempted to squash the rumors that he's simply trying to steal Vergara's baby, adding, "A lot of people think I'm trying to steal her eggs and they don't realize that an embryo is half mine - half my DNA and half her DNA. It's actually a human being."